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When life hands you cucumbers... {personal post}

When life hands you a bag full of cucumbers.. you make pickles.

Lots of pickles.  And the refrigerator kind. Because with refrigerator pickles, there are no rules. At least not in this house.  Today's pickle flavors included some kind of red jalapeno looking thing with cilantro and onion,  sweet & spicy jalapeno with onion and celery salt, traditional dill with just a hint of sweetness, and the wildest of all... sweet basil with garlic and sea salt.  When it comes to cooking I like to throw rules and recipes out the window. This heart of mine is happiest when I can chop and mix and concoct as I go along... letting my eyes and nose be the boss. Usually they do a pretty good job.. though we won't know for sure for another 48 hours. ;)


oh my word! if these taste half as good as they'd be amazing.

our cukes gave up about a month ago...will keep this mind as a girl can only eat so much hummus (my go-to way of eating cucumbers)!
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