Sisters ~ Sweet and Simple { Menomonie, WI Children's Photographer }

Definition of simple

  1.   free from guile :  innocent

  2.   free from vanity :  modest :  free from ostentation or display

  3.  of humble origin or modest position

  4.   free from elaboration or figuration simple harmony


I call these sessions ~ Simple Sessions ~  because that is just what they are. Simple. Capturing your child simply for who they are.. no props, no fuss, no expectations.. just them.. their essence, their innocence, their wildness in all it's imperfectly perfect-ness...


(There is still time to book your ~Simple Session~ for the month of March for a special price!  Contact me to schedule your session!)


"She was born to be free. Let her run wild in her own way and you will never lose her..." N. Rowe





Beautiful captures!
I love these photos! So clean and beautiful! I would be so grateful to have these as a mother.
Gorgeous photos of these sweet girls!
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