Three Cuties... { Menomonie, WI Children's Photographer }

It's been a busy couple of months around here... filled with beautiful little people and I love it!  Would you believe I used to dread doing indoor photos?? Yep, it drove me crazy! I felt so confined and limited and then it dawned on me.. I needed to strip it way back, cut out the clutter and props. That's when I found a groove with my Simple Sessions and I couldn't be happier! Simple Sessions are great for children of any age. These sessions showcase each child's individuality and personality.. But what I love most about these Simple Sessions is their timeless quality. By cutting out all of the "extra stuff" I am able to spend more time chatting and goofing around with your kids and I've found that to be the best way to capture relaxed, authentic portraits and genuine expressions.

Just look at these three cuties...

They were so much fun to spend time with and capture their vibrant personalities!




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