Handsome George + His Beautiful Mama = So Much Love {Wisconsin Motherhood Photographer}

There are moments throughout our days to be remembered and treasured for our lifetime and into our children's lifetime.. memories we hopefully never lose sight of - his small hands hugging your face - his cheeky laughter and delight as you ran chasing after him into the sun.. and the love he returned when you caught him in those safe, loving arms. Mama, I hope you hold onto these special bits of time and never forget these precious days. I hope these moments captured will be a gift to the both of you for years and years to come.

Thank you for getting in front of my camera and loving your handsome little man like only you can!



He is such a cutie! And I bet she's going to treasure these photos! You did such a great job of capturing the sweet way they interact!
This is just too cute for words!
These are so wonderful! Mama will definitely cherish these forever!
such a happy boy! gorgeous photos
Judy Jenson(non-registered)
Awesome & most precious captures of beautiful subjects Angie.
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