March on Film ~ Waiting for a New Season {Film Friday}

It's Friday, April 13 and there is a storm looming in the forecast. Snow... AGAIN. The Three year old inside of me wants to throw a wee bit of a fit.. stomp my feet in protest and demand warmth and sunshine. Apparently the weather doesn't work that way. Seasons... they come and go at their own leisure and sometimes they hang around a little too long. The seasons in our lives can be much the same.. The 40ish year old woman in me knows this very well. Sometimes we get stuck in a certain pattern or certain place... wishing and hoping for it to pass or maybe we are in a season where NOTHING seems to be happening and we just want to see some dang results .. when in reality it's not quite the right time. And you know what I've learned? That no amount of foot stomping is going to hurry it along. And you know what else I've learned? That I'm not the one in control. I'm so glad for that... because let's be real.. Most days I'm not getting it right. But GOD. He knows. And he ALWAYS gets it right. So when the season your in has worn out its welcome...just be still. Fix your eyes on HIM. REST. Growth is happening in the waiting. Things are being made new. Trust in HIM because he knows.. and His timing is perfect. Always.


My sentiments exactly, you inspire me to go shoot. Dedicate one day a week, great idea! Thank you...
Such cool photos! And {LOVE} the message!
Angie!! I love this post❤️❤️❤️
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