A New Beginning... {our green acres life part 1}



*to make like new: restore to freshness, vigor or perfection

*to make new spiritually: regenerate

*to restore to existence: revive

*to make extensive changes in: rebuild



All things new...

Welcome to a new beginning.  This broken down, neglected, 1930's farmhouse that is soon to become our forever home is about to be rebuilt and revived. On December 13 we woke early in the morning and drove 3 hours to small real estate office in a small town where we signed a stack of paperwork and were handed the keys to this decrepit little house that we will, over the next year, hopefully and prayerfully make new again.

For a couple of dreamers and over-thinkers, we have spent the last several years mulling over ideas, praying halfhearted prayers and talking ourselves in circles. Not sure how to make any of it happen...we have overthought ourselves out of every plan that we could imagine.

But here we finally are.. stepping into a new year, stepping into an unknown future, stepping out farther in faith... as we uproot our lives alongside the uprooting of crumbling plaster and peeling 70s paneling. Relying on God to carry us into this new beginning, in the form of a forgotten farmhouse on 20 acres of overgrown land, full of potential and hope. Just as God looks to transform our brokenness, he has afforded us with the opportunity to do the same for this broken little home; Asking us to see past the falling drop ceiling and the fact that the house would fit into our current place three times over, so that we might breathe new life into it and so that we may learn to lean on him through each step of this undoubtedly trying undertaking ahead of us.


I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.” Psalm 91:2





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